Friday, 6 June 2008

Boris Johnson is an idiot

You knew that already. Unless of course you voted for him.

Anyway, did you see him on BBC London News tonight?

Well briefed on community safety issues, but other than that an idiot. Shown to be ill informed and impractical over the Routemaster issue.

And then I think he promised to make the Pensioners Freedom Pass valid over 24 hours by January 2009. I'm not sure he meant to do this (he started off by saying that it would happen "this year"), so I hope it was heard by more than me, and he gets held to it.

His opposition to the congestion charge as currently constituted wasn't based on any kind of alternative, so he's trying to come up with an alternative now.

Oh, and since coming into office he's learnt how to turn the lights on and how to put rubbish in the bin.

Aren't we lucky?

Who on earth voted for this idiot?


Sue Luxton said...

Bexley, Bromey, Sutton, Croydon and Barnet, in very large numbers unfortunately! When Ken was in office I was very much in favour of the Mayor of London having more control over strategic waste issues for London. Now we have this buffoon who seemingly hasn't yet got his head round recycling his own rubbish, let alone London's, I'm not so sure. It is indeed depressing.

Dave Hill said...

Hey William! Get off the fence!

Anonymous said...

He isn't an idiot and whatever your political allegiances, you're not helping the level of debate by chucking around insults like you are.

It is the closed-mindedness of you green freaks that I find most amusing. Yeah, kids are killing each other almost daily but lets focus on 'strategic waste issues.' The Routemaster plan was unworkable but noone voted for that anyway, so chuck it. As for the congestion charge, it needs reforming and there's no silver bullet. Don't forget that traffic is currently back up to pre-charge levels, but Ken just wanted to stick the price up whilst allowing loads of smaller cars into the zone - ultimately raising congestion!

William Canynge said...

Hello, anonymous

I'm not a Green (far from it).

I was also no fan of Ken, as you may be able to tell from previous entries on this blog.

While I have an allegiance to a politial party, I'm more of a plurarlist than you'd give me credit for. A resurgent an intellectually coherent Tory party is something I actually welcome, but in London the Tories gave up on intellectual credibility in favour of celebrity, and this is the result.

Sue - those places voted for Boris because Ken had nothing to say to outer London. Labour's own fault, I'm afraid.

Whether I'm a freak or not is probably a question best answered by my friends and family.

William Canynge said...

Points, however, relating to respect, are well made, and with a measure of contrition, I will undertake an edit on the worst of them.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that