Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bookies back the Greens

A Green Party leaflet dropped through the door this week, informing us that, "The Green Party are the most likely challengers to Labour in Lewisham Deptford . . . according to bookmakers."

There's a delicious irony with the Greens claim backing from those they have spent so much time trying to hound out of the constituency.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Gordonbrock battle lines

The local blogosphere reports that Gordonbrock's headteacher and chair of governers have dismissed the Brockley Society's position as "unrealistic and misleading". I've written before about my perception that opposition to the plans is based largely upon aesthetic and heritage perceptions of the building's value, with discussion of the business of teaching appearing as an after thought.

Having followed the debate I see little reason to change my mind. Fundamentally, I trust the judgement of the education professionals. My interest at the moment is not educational - Gordonbrock is within spitting distance of my house and I admit the buildings are attractive - but given its proximity it's possible and even likely that it's where T will begin his school career.

In this instance I'm going to trust the judgement of those whose primary focus is the education of kids.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Transition Towns

I appear to be forming part of a local debate.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Fred Wedlock

Sad news from the West Country. Fred Wedlock - singer, comedian, local legend - has passed away. A fixture from childhood, our parents remember The Oldest Swinger in Town, while we recall HTV's The Good Neighbour Show.

My dad arranged for Fred to do a gig at Clevedon Bowling Club, sometime in the early '90s. He was great. As we saw him off at the end of the night (in a Volvo estate, if I remember rightly) he left us a couple of his tapes.

I'll have a listen tomorrow morning.

An orchard for Hilly Fields?

Brockley Central have suggested that an organisation calling itself "Transition Brockley" are working to plant an orchard on Hilly Fields.

I've said why I think that this is daft, but is this is some bunch of obscurantists beavering away at the very edge of reality, or is there a chance that someone somewhere has decided to turn my local park from open space to glorified allotment?