Sunday, 7 December 2008

Ladywell Fields: what no water; what no trees?

Saturday morning found me ambling behind T as I pushed him along on his new trike. T was more interested in watching the men cutting down the trees by the path next to the railway than he was in going on the swings. It is a shame to see them come down, but at least we knew this was coming.

Not so the absence of water in the new stream that has been cut from the Ravensbourne. There was no running water in it, and no obvious reason why. The dam which diverts the water looks like it may have need breached, but if anyone knows whether this has happened through accident or design, then I'd really like to know.

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Anonymous said...

Missed this post before. Rather after the event now, but anyway, I posted about this.

It is sad to see the trees cut down, but hats off to the officers who I thought handled this well and averted a potential public outcry by explaining clearly in advance what was being cut down and why.