Thursday, 18 March 2010

Gordonbrock battle lines

The local blogosphere reports that Gordonbrock's headteacher and chair of governers have dismissed the Brockley Society's position as "unrealistic and misleading". I've written before about my perception that opposition to the plans is based largely upon aesthetic and heritage perceptions of the building's value, with discussion of the business of teaching appearing as an after thought.

Having followed the debate I see little reason to change my mind. Fundamentally, I trust the judgement of the education professionals. My interest at the moment is not educational - Gordonbrock is within spitting distance of my house and I admit the buildings are attractive - but given its proximity it's possible and even likely that it's where T will begin his school career.

In this instance I'm going to trust the judgement of those whose primary focus is the education of kids.

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