Friday, 5 March 2010

An orchard for Hilly Fields?

Brockley Central have suggested that an organisation calling itself "Transition Brockley" are working to plant an orchard on Hilly Fields.

I've said why I think that this is daft, but is this is some bunch of obscurantists beavering away at the very edge of reality, or is there a chance that someone somewhere has decided to turn my local park from open space to glorified allotment?


Anonymous said...

I'd help to prevent this. Was concerned when Transition towns turned up at the Broc Soc meeting wanting the conservation area guidelines relaxed so that rooves could be painted white and other environmental alterations take place

William Canynge said...

While I do want to see us living in a more sustainable way, I do object to people telling me what is good for me!